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Get fitter while having fun!

The enthusiasm of both the instructors and the students, make learning karate at the SSK a lot of fun. There will be opportunities for meet-ups and activities outside the dojo too!

Meet new people!

Our students vary in age from 4 to adults of all ages. We all train together and learn from each other. You will meet some amazing and interesting people and form long-lasting friendships.

Discipline for both body and mind

Karate is not just a physical activity. As well as following the dojo etiquette, we also adhere to a set of principles which we strive to apply both in the dojo and to our everyday lives. Read more about the Dojo Code.

Great for families

Parents and children have the opportunity to train at the same time but with different instructors. Click here for more information.

Great for kids

We have had excellent reports back from parents and schools about the improvement they see in their children’s concentration levels, behaviour and ability to focus. Training alongside adults further encourages good behaviour and nurtures mutual respect.

The SSK practices the authentic art of Shotokan Karate at dojos (training halls) in Welling, Falconwood and Thamesmead, with more locations to follow. View full list of clubs and times.

Men, women and children are welcomed and we offer 2 free lessons as well so you don’t have to commit up front.