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Andy Ebdon (1st Dan black belt)

SSK Karate Club Secretary.

Started karate in 1986 and gave up after 18 months (at purple belt) because of school work.

Re-started in July 2013 to persuade my oldest daughter (Georgia) to take up a martial art.

I’m now lucky enough to train with all 3 of my daughters.

Gained 1st Dan black belt in December 2016.

Johnny Francois (2nd Dan black belt)

Started karate in 2000.

Gained my 1st Dan black belt in 2005 and 2nd Dan in September 2016.

I’ve been teaching for the last 9 years, currently at the Falconwood dojo.

Karate has helped me to stay fit, healthy and to focus. Without it I wouldn’t have passed The Knowledge!

The SSK is made up of 4 different types or layers of instructor:

Instructors have to attend a regular instructors course, which helps them to share and learn, and keep up with new guidelines and changes.

They are also fully insured, first aid trained and DBS checked.

All instructors are assessed and regulated by the Chief Instructor every three months for their ability to teach so that the xxxxxxxxxxxx maintains its high standards in Shotokan Karate.

Chief Instructor

John Glasgow (5th Dan black belt)

Founder of the SSK.

Began karate training in 1986.

Gained 1st Dan black belt in 1989 and was awarded 5th Dan in November 2008 by Sensei Pauline Laville-Bindra.

In 1995 coached the 1st and 3rd place contestants in the English championships.

Fought at national level.

Runs the Thamesmead club on Thursday evenings and the Welling club on Sunday mornings.

Head Instructor

Sam Crouchman (3rd Dan black belt)

Started karate at 10 but had to give up due to illness.

Re-started in her mid thirties with her children and reached 1st Dan in 2 ½ years.

Been teaching for 14 years and a head instructor since 2006.

Runs the Falconwood dojo on a Monday night and soon Tuesdays.

Qualified first aid instructor and makes sure that all the SSK instructors have valid first aid training.  She is also the welfare officer for the SSK.

Club Instructors

Jayne Morgan (2nd Dan black belt)

Started Karate in 2004 after 2 years of taking my sons to the Thamesmead Karate club.

Once I gained my green belt I was asked to help the Sensei at the Welling club teach the kids.

Gained 1st Dan black belt in 2009 and 2nd Dan in September 2016.

I enjoy teaching and find it very rewarding seeing students achieve their goals.

Karate has given me self confidence and a host of new friends.

Brooke Porter (2nd Dan black belt)

Started karate in 2002 at the age of 8.

Gained my 1st Dan black belt in 2005 at the age of 12.

I've been teaching for the past 9 years at the Thamesmead club.

Karate has and always will be a big part of my life. It has greatly contributed to my independence and confidence, and I can honestly say that I feel part of a karate family who care and support one another.

Sue Glasgow (1st Dan black belt)

Gained 1st Dan black belt in September 2016.

Robert Jarvis (4th Dan black belt)

I started karate in 1995. By 1997 I was teaching and achieved my 1st Dan in May 1998.

I reached 4th Dan in September 2007 under senseis Joe Anderson (7th Dan) and Rob Hawkins (5th Dan).

I’ve participated in many national and international competitions. These included winning the BASKA national championships, representing the TKA association in the EKGB championships and the Funakoshi world championships, and numerous open championships in both kata and kumite.

I’ve trained under senseis Dave Hazard and Wayne Otto.

Georgia Ebdon (1st Dan black belt)

Gained 1st Dan black belt in December 2016.

Shane Bingham (1st Dan black belt)